Coworking in Newnan

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noun: co-working; noun: coworking

the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed
or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment,
ideas, and knowledge.

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What is Coworking In Newnan?

To most business owners in Coweta county and Newnan area, coworking is an unknown subject. “Coworking in Newnan” is not something you hear every day around Southside. Business owners are more so used to hearing about “Office Space for Rent” or “Office Space Available“.

Coworking is taking the typical office space and flipping it upside down. This is a place for professionals from all different industries to work in a community and share resources.

Imagine being apart of a place where you can bounce ideas off others and have the flexibility to ONLY use the space you need.  You may like working from your home office, but lets be honest. Sometimes, you need human interaction and your caffeine fix.

We get it.

Instead of going to the coffee shop, why not come to 15 Perry? Remove the distractions of the local coffee shop and get some work done with us.

Need Office Space in Newnan?

Who can benefit from Coworking?

  • Freelancers
  • Small Businesses
  • Traveling Sales Persons
  • Students
  • Businesses trying to scale
  • Corporations who need remote locations
  • Home Business Owner
  • Anyone who needs a creative work environment
  • People who like bouncing ideas off other professionals
  • Friendly people

Benefits of using 15 Perry for your office space in Newnan:

  1. Flexible spaces – you can use the wifi, use a desk, printer, office, conference room and more.
  2. No commitments – you can use the space as much or as little as you need it. Packages for what you need are month to month with no long-term contracts.
  3. Of course we would love to see you every day, we realize you are busy but having a space whenever you need it is a huge.
  4. “Let’s meet at my office” – being able to say these words helps your business look big and professional in the eyes of your clients.