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6 Pros to 15 Perry Street

Coworking is becoming more popular everyday, and as people continue to work from home, more coworking spaces will be needed. While coworking seems like one big idea that is fairly transparent and versatile, 15 Perry Street offers some unique abilities.

In the list following, you’ll learn exactly why 15 Perry is the coworking space that you should claim as your home away from home.

1. We are a community

Here at 15 Perry Street, we love and encourage safe interactions. It is important to the community managers and office tenants that everyone knows each others names. This allows us to promote each other’s businesses, make new acquaintances, and learn new things! No worries though! If you’re an introvert, no one will come barging into your personal space.

2. Community Managers

Instead of receptionist, we have Community Managers here at 15 Perry. While our Community Managers do have multiple different tasks, their main job here is to help YOU. Any questions, concerns, or requests you might have, a Community Manager is here during all open hours to help you out.

3. Private offices

While the open concept is super inviting and fun, some businesses need a little more privacy than others. Here, we have 22 private offices rented by the day or by the month for anyone who needs a little more privacy than an open workspace provides.

4. Meeting rooms

Have a meeting, video call, or interview that you need to carry out in a professional office? We have your back! We provide four different sized meeting and conference rooms to allow you privacy and a professional space for you and your business.

5. Mail

We all know the risks and dangers of listing or using your personal address as your business address as well. Risks and dangers that you no longer have to worry about. With a membership we will receive and sort any mail sent to our office and notify you of mail build up or any packages that you receive!

6. Location

15 Perry Street is located right off of our downtown square, providing lots of businesses within walking distance. The downtown square features multiple restaurants, salons, barbers, churches, and small businesses that are ready to welcome and serve you. Only a short drive leads you to a strip mall featuring a movie theater and even more shopping and dining options. When location is important, you will be in the perfect spot. And when going out isn’t an option, multiple catering and delivery services will come to 15 Perry Street.

We understand that sometimes working at home just doesn’t work. Here at 15 Perry Street, we have a community full of vivid, enjoyable people and a space just for you. We hope to see you and welcome you into our community!