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Freelance Fridays

Have you ever heard of Jellies? No, not the Jelly beans!

Jellies are a casual work event where everyone’s invited. It’s for anyone who’d like to work alongside other creative people in a welcoming environment.
Some Jellies are held in people’s homes (that’s how it started), others are in coffee shops and businesses. You bring your laptop and some work, and the Jelly provides wifi, a table and chairs, and smart people to bounce ideas off and collaborate.

At 15 Perry Street we decided we wanted to help bring people together in our friendly environment, and that’s why we are launching our Freelance Fridays!

If you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or you simply work from home and want to get out and meet new people, then join us for an afternoon and discover our place for free.
We’ll start it off with a coworking afternoon, where everyone will be able to get some work done in a new environment and discover what 15 Perry is all about, and end the day with a Happy Hour with beer, wine and snacks for everyone!

Please make sure to follow our facebook page and join the upcoming events if you are interested, and invite any of your friends who would be interested in joining us as well.


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