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Ideally it sounds amazing, right? But not really.

Have you ever tried to work from home?  Ideally it sounds amazing, right? Stay in your pajamas, drink all the coffee without judgement and get everything you need to get done in the day! Right? Well, for most that’s not exactly the case!

Studies have shown that you are less likely to get things done at home.  There are just too many distractions.  Tv shows, pets and don’t get me started if you have little ones running around.  If you are a small business owner OR you have a job where you are able to work from home, the Coworking is going to be a great option for you.  Here at 15 Perry Street we offer open offices spaces, private offices, meeting and conference rooms and free coffee/tea/snacks.  You have so many opportunities to make new contacts, network and get different perspective from others around you.  If that wasn’t enough, here are some points as to why coworking is best for you.

Structure:  At home nothing is structured like a business.  When you join a coworking space you have a desk and a set place to work.  There is structure.  Being able to keep work separate from home life is essential to keep your business running and keeps you sane by getting out of the house.

Effectiveness: When you have so many distractions going on, it’s hard to get everything done.  It is hard to stay focused when the washer and dryer keep beeping at you, Live with Kelly and Ryan are on or the dog is begging to go play.  A study done by Deskmag shows that 72% of people are more productive since they started working in a coworking space.  It also shows that 82% of people feel less isolated since working at a coworking space.

One of the biggest things about a coworking space that many people don’t even realize is the sense of community.  You are alone at home.  And it can feel isolated at times.  You can bounce an idea off your dog – but it doesn’t get your far.  Having a place to come builds a family like atmosphere.  You aren’t alone if you don’t want to be.  Being a part of something bigger than your living room.

One of the major issues that small businesses especially deal with is networking.  In a coworking space you automatically have a networking group.  These people that you “work” with may have vastly differently skills sets that allow you to be able to bounce ideas off them and get feedback.  Constructive criticism is extremely helpful with running a business.

And my last point is flexibility.  Most coworking places have the option to be 24/7.  That’s huge for someone who has crazy hours or needs to work on the weekends.  There is no set “office hours” and you are able to come and go as you please.  It’s hard some nights to work from home once your kids get home from school.  Its loud and you want to be a part of the family.  Once they go to bed you can head to work at your coworking office and get as much done as you need.  Flexibility is normally the number one reason people do coworking offices.

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Have you ever tried a coworking space? What are some things you have liked about coworking spaces in the past? Or have you never tried one? We would LOVE to hear from you!

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