Our History

July 13, 2017

Situated one block from the historic square in downtown Newnan, 15 Perry Street is more than an address. The building in which local coworkers, freelancers, and small companies do business is more than a century old. Owners John and Lisa Shaak used the space for a variety of community and business purposes throughout the years. But ultimately they wanted 15 Perry Street to serve both businesses and the community. When the concepts of coworking and collaborative workspaces began to emerge, John and Lisa envisioned taking what had been a “big city urban” idea and bringing it to the smaller town.

Construction began in the summer of 2016, as 15 Perry Street was transformed into the space it is today… with its exposed brick walls an updated interior design. It’s where antique meets contemporary. By October of 2016, 15 Perry Street saw its first tenants: a realtor, a small marketing company, and a consultant. As the year progressed, the presence of coworkers and freelancers grew. Now there is a waiting list for private office space and the meeting spaces of 15 Perry are some of the most popular and busy in Newnan. Members love 15 Perry Street’s ambiance, its proximity to the square and locally owned restaurants, and the community of fellow creatives and professionals.